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Endoscopes are small cameras on the end of narrow tubes that enable us to visualize parts of the horse's anatomy, most commonly the respiratory tract but also the bladder, stomach, uterus, sinuses and teeth. We offer a full endoscopy service including gastroscopy and radio-endoscopy.

Endoscopy equipment in use

Standing Endoscopy
Endoscopes can be used in the standing horse with sedation if necessary. We commonly look at repiratory problems and place the endoscope up the nose. Not only can we visualise the nasal passages, pharynx and larynx but we can also us ethe scope to take samp-les from deep in the lung to look for bacteria, bleeding, or to scale the level and type of inflammation.

Endoscopy of the urinary tract and uterus can be done on standing sedated horses.

The cause and extent of sinus disease can be invetigated by placing a narrow endocope directly into the horse's sinuses by making a small hole in the skull. Although this sounds horrific it causes very little problem and is performed on standing sedated horses. We perform this procedure quite commonly as part of invetigation of sinusitis or dental disease.

Gastroscopy is the visualisation of the stomach using an endoscope and is perfromed on standing horses under sedation. A long 3m scope is used and the horse has to be starved overnight so that the stomach is empty. Ulceration is a frequent cause of poor performance, especially in stabled horses and we can diagnose and then monitor this problem using the gastrocope. We hold gastroscopy clinics for owners concerned that their horse may have ulcers as well as investigations in individual cases.

We also offer radio-endoscopy. Radio-endoscopy is a new innovation where the endocope is placed in the upper airway of a horse while it is ridden and the video pictures sent wirelessly to a remote computer where they are viewed at the time and recorded. It has revolutionized our assessment of horses that make a noise as dynamic changes can be seen and we can offer this service here at Hawkedon or come out to your yard.

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